The Archive

This portion of the EVE Gateway is intended to be an open source archive that will eventually encompass every common PVP and PVE ship build, for every race, and every class of ship. Common being the key word, because as you progress in EVE Online you will learn that some ships simply do it better than others do. Those are the ships that you will want to be in.

The term “open source” means that modifying the fits that you see here are highly encouraged. Feel free to put your own personal spin on them in order to achieve more gank, more tank or more speed. Personalization of your own unique style of game play is part of what makes EVE Online so great.

Every build that you see here will be based upon common fits existing throughout EVE Online. Each one has proven themselves to be some of the very best that are out there. The methodology being represented in these posts will be all about finding a proper balance between tank and DPS, speed and agility and achieving as high of resists as possible. That is my style of game play, however it may not be yours. Only time and experimentation will tell...

Personal opinions regarding ship fits vary wildly throughout EVE Online.

These builds are meant to convey to the newer player what a "Descent Fit" should look like.

EFT Uploadable

All builds can be easily uploaded to your EFT by simply selecting the text, copying that text and then clicking on your open EFT program.