Updating The Archive

Recording a sensible build for every ship and every race in EVE is a daunting task to say the least. I do not pretend to be the end all of ship fitting wisdom in EVE Online, no one is. What I know I established by learning from players older and more knowledgeable then I. EVE Online is constantly changing and a good ship fit today may become a crap fit after the next expansion.

I will continue to add to this archive and keep it up to date as best I can. But any and all help is welcomed. If you see a build here that you feel could be improved upon, if you see one that is out of date or if you see a glaring omission that you feel should be added to the archive, please feel free to EVE Mail me any time. In your EVE Mail describe briefly what you feel the issue is and how it can be improved upon, and of course include an improved build.

Also, feel free to join “The PwnedZone” public channel.
Whenever I am online, I am there. I would be happy to have a chat about ship crafting.