A Word From The Site Sponsor

This site is intended to be a public resource for all members of EVE Online. As Eternum Praetorian, I have been designing, managing and leading PVP schools in EVE for close to 4 years. You can find players with Pwned Factor in their corporate history everywhere from Club Bear, to the Noir. Mercenary Group to Pandemic Legion. Do to real life commitments, I have decided to retire from that digital career path, and in its place create a public resource available to all of EVE Online. What you see here is an archive of everything that you will ever need, and more then you probably thought existed. Much of what you see here used to be “privately” owned information that was horded by alliances and pvp establishments that profited from living in a universe filled with an ignorant player base. As of this moment, it is now a part of the public domain. Enjoy.

I can’t tell you how many times that I've sat down in front of EFT trying to work out a new and improved fleet tactic or ship fit, only to find out a little later that the likes of Pandemic Legion (or someone else) had already been doing it for a while. When that happens it is not a bad thing, it is validation of your theory before you even had a chance to test it. If there is one thing that I have learned it is this; Eve Online has been around for too long, everything has already been thought of and all that we newcomers can do is “rediscover” things that other players had already thought up. That does not have to be a bad thing either.

One of the most important things to remember about EVE Online is that cheaper is always better. Take this website for example, it looks pro right? Well it didn’t cost me anything to create, it is a free web domain on a free blog. EVE is the same. In a real PVP situation no faction module or expensive ship will decide whether or not you live or die. Allot of it is random chance, and the rest of it comes from how well you work together with your friends. The fit does not matter as much as you think that it does, as long as that fit is “reasonable” in its conception. Everything else will just happen. EVE Online is not a game that you can win. You WILL lose, and if you accept that simple reality fitting your ship becomes allot easier, and the game becomes allot more fun.

I have noticed that when people try to fit a ship, they are often trying to fit it in such a way that “it won’t die” without even realizing it. There is nothing you can do to a ship that will prevent it from going up in flames. Giving it twice as much tank will only make it last 1 or 2 seconds longer if you jump into an enemy gang. Instead, try and make your ship perform a specific task as good as you can make it perform that task, and make that your goal. If it is a tackler fit it so it can tackle really well and don’t worry about keeping it from dying in the process, and if it is a damage dealer make sure that it can bang out as much DPS as you can get it too before it becomes a useless glass cannon.

The builds that you see here are meant to represent a “balanced” perspective of ship fitting wisdom. They are only your starting point. Any ship can be made to have more tank, or more gank. You decide when you choose to fly a ship in a certain role. Good advice in any universe, digital or real, is this… use the proper tool for the job at hand.

--Eternum Praetorian